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Prepress is a very important stage because it ensures a high-quality final printed product that best fits the design intentions.

We recommend not neglecting this stage. When printing with original layouts without prepress, there is always a risk of unexpected defects, such as color inaccuracies, a lack of trapping, and improper use of overprint. Those defects can irreparably distort the appearance of even the most elegant printing product.

The main task of our pre-press department is to ensure that the files provided by customers correspond to the necessary print standard, so that printers will be able to achieve the desired printing result in the most efficient way.

All modern printers have many features, and only highly skilled professionals can take into account minor details to produce high-quality results.

We work with AGFA Apogee Workflow. This program is a file processing and management system for receiving files from customers over the Internet, file verification, processing, inspection, trapping, assembly (building layout), approval for printing and transferring files for plate making on CTP equipment. For colour control we produce plotter prints and perform colour proofing of the work content as per the customer’s request.

We offer our clients a full range of prepress services, from development of the overall design to the manufacturing of plates and high-quality printing.

To produce completely predictable and accurate results, customers must provide detailed information about what they want to see as the final product.

Properly conducted prepress work using the latest technologies ensures high-quality printed products.

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AGFA Apogee WorkFlow instruction in PDF

Rules of acceptance and execution of order for printing services