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We offer our clients a number of postpress options: laminating, foiling, hot foiling, cutting, embossing, varnishing, book edge gilding, block edge toning and more.

These modern processing methods result in a high-quality of final printed product.


Lamination can be used to protect the book cover, for example against tearing and humidity. It is available in matt, gloss and soft touch. Silver lamination. Due to its low cost and excellent results, lamination is one of the most popular postpress printing services.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping can be used to create shapes or writing that are stamped into the cover and filled with foil, which is available in many colours. The new technology allows us to apply the foil without using clichés.

Blind stamping

Blind embossing is the same technique as foil stamping, only without the foil. It can be used to create shapes or lettering, that are stamped into the cover.

UV (spot) varnish

If desired, we can use UV spot varnish to highlight particular cover elements with a gloss or matt finish.

Different materials

Different materials can be used for hard cover books. For example, you can finish the spine with a cloth-like material and the rest of the cover with glossy, laminated paper.

Head-and-tail bands

The head-and-tail bands are mainly used to decorate the section between the spine and the content pages and to protect this part of the book. Available in different designs and colours.

Marker ribbons

You can also include a marker (or reading) ribbon in your book. This is available in many different colours, matching those of head-and-tail bands.

Spiral binding

  • standard metallic spirals (gold and silver)
  • standard coloured spirals
  • metallized coloured spirals on request

These methods of fastening of pages are especially popular in manufacturing of loose-leaf calendars, notebooks, small catalogues, brochures, etc.

Use of these types of post-press processes in modern high-quality printing significantly improves the appearance of the final printed product and increases its durability and strength.