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PNB Print specializes in book printing and provides comprehensive services in high-quality book production. Our book printing services start in the pre-press stage and continue through to the entire Post press (binding) process. Your book is in PNB Print’s expert hands from the time you submit your digital files till the moment it leaves our loading dock.

Whether you're an up-and-coming author printing your first hardcover book or an established publisher producing your hundredth title this year, our team of experts is here to help you put your best book forward and our specialists will advise you according to your wishes and provide the best print solution for your book.

We produce:

Hardcover books

  • glued or sewn

Softcover books

  • with or without flaps
  • glued or sewn

Flexibound books

  • with or without flaps
  • glued or sewn


Each type of book has its advantages. Softcover and flexibound books are usually chosen for inexpensive products, and an expensive paper is inappropriate for products with a soft cover. Recycled paper is one of the best options for these products, because it is less expensive and is environmentally friendly.

Hardcover books are more expensive, but are much more durable and have a beautiful appearance. Hardcover books are usually printed on high-quality paper and contain illustrations.

Hardcover books are more attractive than softcover books, but paperback books are usually more popular with buyers because of their lower price.

A good marketing strategy is to produce a small number of hardcover books along with a large number of softcover books.

We offer FSC certified products upon request.

The further information on editions, paper kinds and cooperation terms is available at our team members.