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Our Company's 5th Anniversary!


On January 14 is our company’s 5th anniversary!

On 14th January, 2010 we were 84 people, who started work at our company. By the end of year 2010 we were already 123. At the moment  „PNB Print” has 222 employees. Total number of printed sheets for all 5 years is  540 m. We are proud to say we have produced 63,3 m hard cover books up-to-date.

Baced on our turnover data „PNB Print” has been included in Latvian Graphic Enterprise TOP 5. During these 5 years we have been constanty developing – succesfully installed and launched new printing machines and post press equpment. Also today new printing press KBA Rapida 106-6+L is being installed at our facility.

We congratulate our partners and customers and thank for cooperation during these exciting 5 years!